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Arkansas exposed, is to inform the citizens of Arkansas, the United States, 
and the people of the world, as to the amount of corruption, 
cover-up, and the failure to enforce the written laws of Arkansas! 
It involves local, county, and state government officials. 
These are people that we voted for and placed in office to protect our lives, 
our liberty, and enforce our laws. 
But unfortunately, several of these people are in office to serve themselves, 
and could care less for the citizens of the State of Arkansas.
And therefore should be removed from the offices in which they have been placed. 

I would hope that after you have read the following information, study the facts, 
and visit the links to other sites with similar stories. That you will take a long 
hard look at the candidates come next election.

Citizens of Arkansas, let us not go another year with the same type of 
state government that has caused Arkansas to be called "The Unnatural State" by other 
States and Countries around the world.  About 1000 people per month, are reading 
the truth about the State of Arkansas on one of my two web sites, and the amount 
continues to rise each month.  And of these, at least an average of 200 
are from educational facilities.  I have received letters from high school 
students doing reports on Arkansas, letters of disbelief, and letters of support. 
We should not have to be reading about these kinds of stories in Arkansas, or any 
where else in this nation. 

Edmund Burk said in 1792, 
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph,
"Is for good men to do nothing" 

We have more then enough good men and woman in this state that 
are willing to do something, and are concerned about the citizens 
of the State of Arkansas.  We just need to replace them with the
ones that are in office now, so they can. 

"Please Note" 
I would much rather have my web sites dealing with the beauty, and the wonderful things 
this fine State has to offer. 
But until the people running this State, quit ignoring  
the complaints of the people, quit trying to 
cover-up and make excuses every time an 
officer, or other official breaks the LAW, 
or refuses to do the job they 
were placed, and or agreed to do, 
"I Will" Continue To Expose The Truth! 

Anyone born, raised, are that even cares about 
the State of Arkansas, the rights of the people, 
or that have children in the 
public school system in this State. 
Should be appalled and disgusted 
with these statistics, stories, and the truth. 

The Truth About Sentencing /  Letters  from the State / True Stories you should read

Truth about SentencingState LettersTrue Stories

If You are concerned about these things please express it to these people

Attorney GeneralCongressman DickeyGovernor HuckabeeCongressman Hutchinson

Post a message, leave a comment, start a 
discussion, or just check out what 
others have to say about Arkansas



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