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True Stories 

I am hoping, that by putting these stories on this site, and links to other true 
stories about Arkansas on the internet. Will encourage other citizens of the 
State of Arkansas that have been mentally or physically abused, lied to, 
intimidated, falsely accused, ignored, deceived or wrongfully used, by City, 
County, or State officials, including the agencies they control; 
will want to come forward and tell there story. 
Either on there own site, or have me publish it on this site at no charge. 

Fighting fire with fire! 

The only way we will start to see an end to these types of stories, is by 
exposing the individual, office, or the agency involved. 

In this first story, the lady that sent it titled her first page: 
"Injustice In Arkansas" 
After reading her ongoing story! You will be asking yourself. 
"Where is the justice" in Arkansas? 


This next story is located on another site. 
"There is no justice for the Poor" 
This story is about a man serving time in an Arkansas prison, and according to the 
story published by his brother, this man was never tried, never been before the judge that 
sent him to prison, and also states that court records and other documents were forged 
and falsified. 

No Justice

This next story is my personal story that prompted me to do this site. 
"Innocent and still paying" 
Is a true story of deceit, coverup, and intimidation used by the Logan County sheriffs department, 
that almost destroyed our family, marriage, and our reputation in this small community. 
And how "Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company" broke several of Arkansas written laws, to force 
my family to accept less then half of our Homeowners Insurance Policy, in a "Total Fire Loss Claim" 
Also how the Arkansas Insurance Department refuses to pursue this for almost 4 years now. 

Innocent & Still Paying

I believe there will be more stories added to this page soon. 
So please check back often