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Different kinds of prison time!

Who you know, 
is where you go! ?

When most ordinary people break the law, and are convicted, 
and sentenced to a state or federal prison, they have visions 
of guard towers with armed guards, chain link fencing, and 
barb wire encircled at the top of the fencing. 
Being locked in a cell continually except for work 
assignments or exercise for a few hours a day. 
Up to a few hours one day a week to visit a family 
member while under the watchful eyes 
of the prison guards. 

But what happens when you are not an ordinary person? 
What happens when you are an ex Senator from the 
State of Arkansas, and have friends in all the right 
places, and are sentenced to a federal prison? 
You soon find out, not all federal 
prisons are created equal.. 

If you will follow me on this, you will see how ex 
Senator Nick Wilson has been planning his own 
outcome right up to the day he was sentenced for 
two counts of tax evasion, and one count of conspiracy. 
Now keep in mind. What he asked for, and 
was granted by the Judge, and the Prosecutors. 
Was to be able to spend his time at the Federal lockup 
at Eglin Air Force Base Prison Camp in Pensacola Florida, 
because he has family members that might be relocating near there. 
Along with his wife and 11 year old son."OKAY" 
Now if you add this to the 129 public corruption 
charges he is still facing in the near future, and 
if convicted and sentenced to more time. 
Guess where that added time will be spent? 

So now we have to wonder why an ex Senator who 
has spent most of his career "supposedly" helping 
the citizens of Arkansas and apparently himself, 
would want to spend his prison time in Florida?

Well it seems like what everyone is trying 
to keep out of the news. Is that the prison 
camp at Eglin Air Force Base is not 
what most people would think of when 
they think of a Federal Prison! 

You see, according to Jody Upton the 
Public Information Director at the Southeast 
Offices of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 
Atlanta GA. says. This prison holds primarily 
"white-collar" criminals. 
A minimum security facility! 
Check this out.. 
There are no walls or barbed-wire fences. 
No roving guards peering down from towers. 
"Now for the good part" 
Inmates or eligible for furloughs! 
Some lasting as long as 7 days, 
for special circumstances such as funerals, 
are to strengthen family ties.

Do you think with Nick Wilson having a wife and 
an 11 year old son moving to the area that he 
might need quite a few furloughs 
"to strengthen family ties?" 

Why didn't the judge and the prosecutors just 
decide to save the tax payers some money, 
and sentence him to house arrest? 
With the stipulation of course that he could 
leave his house on 7 day furloughs 
whenever deemed necessary for things 
like, strengthening his ties with 
State and Federal Judges, Prosecutors, 
and other Arkansas Government officials 
who will bend the rules for one of there own, 
while ignoring the needs of the citizens 
of this fine state. 

One other thing overlooked by the news media. 
All that was said in the articles I read was 
how some of Nick Wilson's family members 
might be relocating to the area including 
his wife and son. 
How close could they possibly get to Eglin Air Force Base? 
After what you have already read, this should be no surprise. 
Right on the base! 
That's right. 
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