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Arkansas Fraud 

I received this letter from 
Jackie M. Smith, Director 
Consumer Services Division 
Arkansas Insurance Department 

Danny Collins 
September 7, 1999 
I regret that you feel this department has not adequately answered 
your complaint, which was filed on January 27, 1999. Since you are 
so adamant I will refer your entire complaint file along with the 
claim file that I have received from the insurance company to our 
Fraud Investigation Unit. The Fraud Unit will investigate all 
aspects and parties to this fire loss, which you suffered. This 
department strives itself on helping all consumers in the State of 
Arkansas and sometimes that help consist of educating the consumer. 


Jackie M. Smith, Director 
Consumer Services Division 

This is the letter I received from the
Arkansas Insurance Fraud
Investigation Unit. 

It really amazes me how both of these people work 
in the same building, the same division and more 
than likely the same office, and yet can not get 
together to keep there stories straight! 
# 1. Jackie Smith says in her letter that the Fraud Unit 
"Will investigate all aspects and parties to this fire loss." 

Martin Nevrla says in his letter says that they did 
a "thorough review." 

Now, I was not reviewed, my photos and video tape 
were not reviewed, and the witness's to verify 
all the facts in my story were not reviewed. 

So the only thing left for Mr. Nevrla to review 
would have been whatever the "lying" insurance 
company (Home Mutual Fire) would 
have given him to review! 
And either he bought there story, and ignored the 
8 laws the insurance company violated, and the 
illegal tactics they used to force me to settle 
for less then half of my homeowners policy. 
Did what the Arkansas Insurance Department has 
been doing with my claim since 1996 which is 
absolutely nothing. And sent this letter hoping 
it would put an end to our complaints. 

# 2. Mr. Nevrla states in his letter that the 
Consumer Services Division (Jackie Smith) adequately 
answered all insurance questions which I had raised.. 
Wrong again Mr. Nevrla! 
As a matter of fact: 
I sent a letter to Jackie Smith, Director of Consumer 
Services Division on 8/22/99 asking several questions, 
and addressing several issues. The only letters I have 
received since that date are the two letters 
I have put on this page, and a letter of acknowledgment 
from the Secretary of State Sharon Priest, stating she 
had sent a copy of my letter to the Insurance Department. 
So as of this date 02/27/99, my questions and issues I 
have asked, have been completely avoided, and ignored. 

A copy of the letter I sent on 8/22/99 
can be read here.

Unanswered Questions