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 My Unanswered Questions

To: Jackie M Smith
Director of Consumer Services Division
Arkansas Insurance Department

Dear Jackie Smith,

In response to your letter dated 8/13/99
     After trying to receive help from the Arkansas Insurance
Department for over 3 years, it did not surprise me to find
out that there was no record of me contacting your department
prior to 1/27/99. I did not just wake up one morning 3 years
after my loss and decide to do something about it. I did in fact
contact your department for the first time in 5/96 on the advice
of the insurance agent, Junior Day of Farmers Insurance Group
of Booneville, If your department would have followed that
complaint through, I would not have had to continue the last
3 1\2 years trying to get someone to look at this, nor would
I be writing this letter.

     Also in your letter you stated that investigator Ms. Sutterfield
had asked how I wanted your department to proceed
I responded to that letter that I wanted to know how Home
Mutual Fire Insurance Company could do the things they did
"Legally". That E-mail was never answered
As to your question, whether or not I had rebuilt on the same
property, I do not believe I could have replaced my home
with the $2,000.00 that my family was forced to
accept as a settlement.

     You also keep saying in you letter:
"The claim settlement I accepted"
But you refuse to refer to it as I do.
"The claim settlement we were forced to accept."
You also said you took the time to read my story I put on
the web site at
But yet you make no mention as to whether or not it is the policy
of the Arkansas Insurance Department to allow an insurance
company, in this state to do the things I have clearly stated
and to this day still have the proof to verify my allegations
   So once again I will ask if your department policy supports
an Insurance Company in the State of Arkansas
that would, (in a complete fire loss)

#1. Never send an Adjuster, Agent, or anyone else to the scene
of a total loss fire to verify the damage.

#2. Refuse to give a requested copy on the insurance policy to the
insured, (or the insured's lawyers as stated in your letter) to this very day.
Update: After sending this letter I was sent a copy of
my homeowners policy through the insurance department,
from Jackie Smith, 3 1/2 years after I requested it, because ours was lost in the fire.

#3. Refuse to talk to the claimant, (said I could only talk to Walker
Adjustment Co. (Who would never return my calls)

#4. Not settle within the 45 days (by law) after I signed the
proof of loss statement.

#5 Flat out lied on there denial letter by stating there were
no out-buildings involved in the fire, nor loss of any tools.
(Though no one representing them had been to the scene.)
Update: My last correspondence with Jackie Smith,
She told me that the adjuster had been out to the property right after
the fire and took pictures. I told her I did not believe this to be true
because even the insurance agent in town said he never came out.
So I told Jackie Smith that I would like to see the pictures that
were taken by this adjuster. I have had no reply to this request,
nor have I seen any pictures taken by the adjuster.

#6. Allow an Insurance company to use these lies and tactics
to keep from paying off a claim for 6 months, knowing at the
time I filed the claim I had a balloon payment coming up in
6 months, and thus knowing full well that if they waited till
then, I would be forced to settle or File Bankruptcy!

     Ms. Smith whether this happened 3 hours ago
or 3 years ago should have no bearing of the facts.
Whether someone robs you at gun-point or ball-point,
last night or last year, it is still robbery. And in most other
states a $25,000 robbery would be considered a felony.

     If by chance the "Arkansas Insurance Department" cannot
see any wrong doing where Home Mutual Fire Insurance
Company is concerned, The I would ask, as A Citizen of this State.
That the statement on the Arkansas Insurance commissions home page;
"Proudly Protecting The Citizens Of Our State"  Be Removed!

     Because what Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company did to
my family, I am sure they have done to others, and will continue
to do so as long as your department tries to find fault in the claimant,
and ignores the tactics used by this insurance company, to lie and
do what ever else it takes to cheat the citizens of this state out
of benefits due them.

     On the other hand if your department does not support the
lies and tactics used by this Insurance company to "settle a claim"
as you would say; Then please acknowledge this fact!

     Also in your letter you stated I had contacted your department
3 times in the last 30 days. I did in fact contact the 3 highest level
people in your department, at the same time I was contacting several
other in State and Federal positions. I have done this because like
I said in my story, I believe this has gone on long enough.
     And because I still have faith in our system, and I believe,
someone, somewhere is going to read what has happened to
my family and cry foul...

Thank You
Danny Collins

Cc: Sharon Priest
       Asa Hutchinson
      Blanch Lincoln
     Tim Hutchinson
     Mike Pickens
     Bill Walters
     ABC 40/29 On Your Side
     And published on the web site at

The two letters that I received after I sent
this letter to Jackie Smith,
(the ones on the previous page)
and the acknowledgment letter from
Secretary of State Sharon Priest,
are the only replies I have received from
Arkansas Insurance Department
as of 12/11/99

There is no excuse for this type of
behavior! The inconsistencies in the
letters, the refusal to answer straight
forward questions, and the failure to
fully investigate a corrupt insurance
company, and allow this company to
continue to cheat citizens of this state
is completely contradictory to the
statement of the Arkansas
Insurance Department.
Proudly Protecting
The Citizens of Our State
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