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I have spent a lot of time viewing other
sites that have to do with Arkansas. And
also sites that show the ongoing corruption
in local, state, and government agencies.
Also included will be links to pages
where you may obtain help for various
problems you may have encountered
from these agencies.

If you have a site, or know of a
site that should be listed here,
please send me an E-mail.

This next link will have stories that I have
found on the web, or from people that
have submitted there story to be
published on my site.
I truly believe as more people read these
stories, we will see more citizens come forward
to tell of there own tragedies and experiences
dealing with Local, County, and State Government
officials and agencies of Arkansas.
Only by exposing these types of acts you
are about to read about, will we be able to send
a message that it is time to start replacing people
in office that continue to refuse to do there  jobs,
or continue to abuse the power entrusted to them!

True Stories
Children of Arkansas, while in custody at a
Arkansas state ran detention center were found handling
raw sewage, and lack of dining and medical accommodations,
and other abusive acts. This detention center has since
been closed down.
Read what "little" was disclosed about this story at:

Arkansas Children
Public Corruption In State Government
Is the Arkansas Ethics Commission being
operated "Ethically?"
Unbelievable, but the facts are there!
You read, and then decide for yourself.

Arkansas Ethics
Although Governor Mike Huckabee
took a tough stance vowing to root out any wrongdoing
in the Arkansas Government, and put a stop to the
ongoing scandals in Arkansas, he has refused to
disclose information to the Attorney General about
$60,000 in speaking fees.
Thus causing yet another scandal.
This story by CNN covers other agencies
and people being investigated in Arkansas.

Arkansas Governor
Having a daughter that just started high
school this year, I found this next article a little
disturbing. It is a report from the National Center
for Education Statistics. According to there report,
Arkansas did not satisfy one or more of the guidelines
for school participation in this government survey.
The courses in this survey were eighth grade
science and mathematics.
If you add that to the fact that Arkansas
Teachers average pay is ranked close to the bottom
of the list for the nation, the old saying holds true.
You get what you pay for!
I believe if the Arkansas State Government would
take the money they waste, making laws they have
absolutely no intentions of enforcing, and put it in
pay raises to the teachers of this state, we would
start seeing our children's education improve.
US Report Cards
On another web site I have,
"America For Sale"

America For Sale
I talk about government officials not
doing the jobs they were put in office to do.
And how our laws can be changed, bought,
or ignored depending on who you are!
This next reporters article
will make you stop and think for awhile.
It also goes along with the title of
my site, America for sale.
The reporter states:
Corruption is a cancer. And like cancer, if it is not
cut out in time, it will kill the patient and that patient
is America's body politic. For Congress to allow
Clinton to escape any wrongdoing of which he might
be guilty would be to immeasurably damage the political
process and put the White House on the auction block.
Justice must be done and done swiftly!
I believe this reporter says it like it is. This not only
goes for the President of the United States, but for
every person in an official position that refuses
to enforce the laws, or fails to fulfill the
 duties of the position they hold.
The full story and other articles like this
can be read at:
The White House
Below are a few sites I have came across that
deal with problems in the United States
that I believe you will find very interesting.

This site is from a man in California.
This site is additive. This man is very informed
and I have learned things going on in our
government that I never would have believed.
The Site
This site is the place to go to file a
complaint on police abuse. This is an
organization that works nationwide to help
put a stop, and expose police abuse.
You can listen to actual tapes of them
confronting, and exposing officers.

Police Abuse
"Law Guru"
This has to be the most extensive, informative,
and helpful legal site I have ever been to.
You can submit a legal question and receive an
answer at no cost. This site has live legal chat rooms,
 an internet law section, extensive legal resources,
 legal research and attorney referral service.
All at no cost.
Law Guru
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