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Mena Arkansas 2 

4 November, 1999 
Tim L. Williamson, Prosecuting Attorney 
404 7th Street 
Mena, AR 71953 
Dear Tim Williamson, 

Enclosed you'll find copies of recent 
correspondence regarding the charges I filed 
when I was in Mena in July against ed harrison. 
I’m on a campaign to see that justice is done. 

I’m still not clear as to why you refused to issue a warrant 
for the arrest of ed harrison, since this is a criminal matter. 
The man blatantly went into my home, unannounced, 
without my express permission or knowledge and robbed me 
blind. Then he had the audacity to go to Pat Fish and brag 
about what he’d done. The property was awarded to me 
June 30th, 1997. He broke in sometime in Oct. or Nov. 1998. 

Where is the logic in this? By not issuing a warrant, 
you're telling him it's ok and he gets off scott free? 
If I were to go to South Texas and break into the storage 
room where some of my things are stored, 
I’d be in jail so fast it would make my head spin. 
I recently remarried and my husband Joe contacted an old 
friend, our District Attorney, concerning this matter. He was 
told that this is a criminal matter and had that happened 
up here, a warrant would have been issued immediately. 

I should not have to seek justice in the civil courts. 
Every law official we have spoken to regarding this matter 
has the same opinion. No one understands why you 
are letting this slide? 

When I made the complaint, I knew exactly where most of 
my belongings were. My youngest son called me from South 
Texas and told me. Some are now in storage, some have been 
sold or pawned. I will never be able to recover all my property 
now. Had this matter been tended to in a timely manner, 
the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department would have 
helped me recover the stolen items. 

So, where do I go from here? How do I get my property returned? 
How do I get charges filed against ed harrison? What now? 
It took ed harrison almost two years to get me the proper 
paperwork on my home there. He put my house in jeopardy 
during that time due to the fact I couldn't get insurance on it 
without putting his name on the policy. I was afraid I would lose everything. Then, what little I had salvaged, he came up and 
stole from me and it looks like he'll walk away free as a bird. 
This is justice? 

When ed robbed my home, I was in Marked Tree, AR. 
attending school full time. My only income at the time was 
my Pell Grant, which barely kept me afloat. 
ReHab paid for my books and tuition. 
I couldn't afford to go to Mena to check on my home. 
When I was able to go there and take 
inventory and seen what he’d done, I immediately went 
to the Sheriff's office and lodged the complaint. 
I would like to hear from you regarding 
this matter as soon as possible. 
I await a letter from you. 


17 November, 1999 
Supreme Court of Arkansas 
Professional Conduct Committee 
Justice Building, 1st Floor North, 625 Marshall 
Little Rock, AR 72201 

I would like to appeal to your offices to assist in a problem 
we are having with the Prosecuting Attorney in Mena, AR. 

My now-wife left TX divorced her former husband in 
Port Lavaca, TX June 30th, 1997 and returned to her home 
in Mena, AR. The divorce decree stated that each party 
should have their personal property returned to them. 
She left Texas April 21st, 1997. Her personal property was 
never returned and her ex-husband sold some of it 
for cash for his personal use. 

In Nov. 1998, he drove some 650 miles from Texas to Arkansas, 
broke into her house and stole more personal property. 
The total of property stolen amounts to $75,000. 

The Police in Texas have located some of her stolen property 
and need a criminal charge and search warrant from the 
“Prosecuting” Attorney in Mena. The “Prosecuting” Attorney 
refuses to file charges or issue a search warrant. 

We have contacted the FBI, the Police and Sheriff's Dept. in 
Port Lavaca, Texas and our county District Attorney here in 
Wisconsin. All agree that this constitutes criminal activity and 
should be handled by Mena law enforcement. 

Why will this sorry excuse for a “Prosecuting” Attorney not 
uphold the law? The Police and Sheriff's offices in Texas will 
do most of the work, all he needs to do is file the charges and 
issue a search warrant. 
Our local District Attorney likes to handle easy, 
high profile cases like this because it gives him favorable publicity. 
Is this “law enforcement” official lazy or is there something 
more sinister involved? 

We appeal for your help in seeing justice done. 


Letter to the Editor 
Is the Mena Prosecuting Attorney biased against women? 

I left Port Lavaca, TX. April 21st 1997 and returned to my home 
in Mena, my divorce was final the 30th of June 1997. 
In Nov. 1998, a year and a half later, my ex drove some 650 miles 
from TX. to AR. to break into my house when I was not there 
and steal thousands of dollars worth of my personal property. 
He then proceeded to brag about what he’d just done to mutual 
friends in Mena before returning across state lines to TX. 

He had knowledge that all my belongings were stored there 
while I was on the other side of the state attending school full 
time so unlawful entry and burglary would be easy for him. 

The police in Port Lavaca, TX. have located some of the stolen 
property but need charges filed in AR. and a Search Warrant 
executed in AR. by the prosecuting attorney before they can 
recover the remaining stolen property. 

The prosecuting attorney refuses to issue the charges 
and warrant, for whatever reason or reasons unknown to me. 
Since when is breaking into a private residence and stealing 
anything of value not a criminal act? By failing to prosecute 
this illegal act, is the Mena prosecuting attorney biased 
against women? Or, is he just too lazy to file charges? 

It's perfectly clear that Burglary/Unlawful entry/transportation 
of stolen property over state lines took place. This represents a 
premeditated criminal act that should result in a criminal charge 
and issuance of a search warrant to recover stolen property to be 
used as evidence. These delays could mean that evidence would 
be removed or destroyed to prevent the TX. police from 
gathering such evidence as proof of the criminal act. 

Are women in AR. left unprotected by the law? 
This case might not win the Mena prosecuting 
attorney any cudos but it would reaffirm the fact 
that the law in AR. is equal for everyone.